MO REPS® Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps (Pair)

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BONUS: Free MO REPS carry bag to keep your wrist wraps together!

Smash PB's left and right with MO REPS Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps

With just the right firmness, our wrist wraps give you extra support when pushing heavier loads.

Whether you're doing Strength Training, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, CrossFit, or Strongman, MO REPS Wrist Wraps give you confidence to push a little bit harder.


✓ 3" Velcro Grip ensuring they stay wrapped throughout your workout

✓ Thumb loop and hook & loop closure for superior fastening and piece of mind

✓ Sold in Pairs


Available in different colours: orange, red, green, and yellow. 

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