How to Prolong the Life of Your Barbell

Chalk may be your friend during barbell training, but chalk is definitely not a friend of your barbell. Chalk can get into the knurling of the barbell, making it less ‘grippy’. It also retains moisture as well as your sweat, which will eventually lead to corrosion and rusting for most barbells.

Prolong the life of your barbells with these basic barbell maintenance instructions.

Firstly, head to the nearest Bunnings store to get these cleaning supplies:

  • Nylon brush
  • 3-in-One oil 
  • Lint free rag

How to Clean Your Barbell:

  • Apply a thin line of oil on the barbell
  • Grab your brush and work the oil into the barbell. The chalk should start to become loose
  • Follow through and wipe with the lint-free rag
  • Repeat until the entire length of the barbell is chalk-free

The oil will absorb into the bar within 20 minutes of cleaning, and you will be left with a clean non-slippery bar.

A Note on storage:

We recommend storing your barbell in a dry environment and preferably off the floor. View our equipment storage solutions here.

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