Simple Ways to Keep Your Boxing & MMA Gloves Clean and Odour-Free

Boxing and MMA gloves are one of the many sports gears that can smell as nasty as unwashed gym socks if not sanitised properly. Sweat and natural leather make for a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Stinky gloves are not only off-putting, but they are also unhealthy.

Here are two simple solutions to remember how to keep your gloves clean: DRY & DISINFECT.

  • DRY

    • Pat dry: After each session, wipe and pat dry both the outside and the inside of your gloves. You can use clean microfibre towels, paper towels, or dryer sheets.
    • Air Dry: Don’t leave your gloves inside your gym bag overnight. As much as possible, let your gloves breathe and dry naturally.



    • Homemade disinfectant solutions work best with gloves as some commercial sprays can be too harsh and may affect your leather gloves. Make your own cleaning solution by filling a spray bottle with half part vinegar and half water. Make sure to spray the inside as well as the outside part of the gloves.
    • Baking soda or bi-carb soda has anti-bacterial and deodorising properties that can help fight harmful bacteria. When your gloves are dry, sprinkle a few pinches of baking soda inside each glove and let sit for a few hours or overnight. Just tap the baking soda back out and dispose before use of the gloves.


We hope these tips help. A few extra cautions to NOT put your gloves inside the washer and dryer, and also not let them dry under the sun, as both may destroy the gloves.  


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