Calisthenics are awesome! They can help build strength, endurance, athleticism, and are just plain fun to do.

However, when working with a bar for what can seem like endless sets, your hands will take a beating. With Pull Ups, Hanging Leg Raises/Toes To Bar, Muscle Ups, and all the other exercises involving hanging on the bar, your hands can be the limiter, due to fatigue in your grip strength and endurance.

Ripped blisters and blood left on the bar is not uncommon for those that are working hard. You do have a couple of options for improving your workout by helping your grip out a little bit!

1 – Chalk

Lifting chalk can work great until your hands start to get blisters and your grip weakens beyond the ease that chalk can provide. It helps reduce the moisture of your hands, which helps improve the contact of your hands on the bar.

This is best used in the first couple of sets when your hands are fresh and still strong. Other than that, Chalk will fall short deep into your training sessions.

2 – Training Gloves

Some people like to use gloves when doing Calisthenics on the bar. These vary in design, from full-fledged gloves covering your whole hand to 3/4 finger gloves.

What I don't like about these is that I've seen far too many people actually lose contact with the bar and fall off. Sure, these are okay when you are doing movements in one plane of motion, like Strict Pull Ups. But when you are performing Kipping Pull Ups or Kipping Toes To Bar, you need some closer contact with your uncovered fingers wrapped on the bar.

So, you need something more heavy-duty than Chalk, and something a little more free than gloves. What's the best, in-between support product?


3 – Gymnastic Hand Grips

Gymnastic Hand Grips offer support for your hands and still requires your forearms to take the majority of the work of training. The abrasive material on these Gymnastic grips is what can help hold you on the bar, along with your normal grip strength.

They don't cover too much of your hand like gloves do. But, they do offer more grip enhancement than Chalk does! It meets perfectly in the middle!

This type of product is great for Functional Fitness training or even something like Ninja Warrior training. Any athlete that uses Calisthenics movement training can benefit from a product like this.

Avoiding blisters and ripped hands while taking your training further than ever will produce better results for your strength, endurance, and efficiency of movement!

The longer the time under tension of an exercise, the more these grips can help you out! Anybody can do a few Pull Ups without any support. When you want to knock out a minute of Butterfly Kipping Pull Ups, your grip will be put to the test!

Try Gymnastic Hand Grips Next Time You Do Calisthenics!

Don't knock these grips until you try them. The level of support you receive is great and the fact that your hands and forearms still have to do a lot of work will improve strength and endurance over time. If you've never had a busted blister on your hand after a set of Pull Ups, trust me, it's terrible!

Whether you do Functional Fitness, Ninja Warrior, Bodybuilding, or just like to perform Calisthenics, try them out and reap the benefits!

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