Heavy Duty Bumper Plates 2.5KG - 25KG


Weight: 2.5KG

Solid natural rubber bumpers, once mainly used in Olympic lifting, are now commonplace in many gyms. Their versatility and ability to be safely dropped when performing Olympic bar movements make solid natural rubber plates a great workhorse for any training facility.

Designed for tough training and tough environments. Compressed, soft but durable rubber provides minimal bounce and superior sound dampening. Excellent shock absorption makes this bumper gentler on floors and safer to use. Each bumper plate is 450mm in diameter (IWF standard). The 2.5kg fractional plate 190mm diameter.


  • -Heavy Duty Commercial Bumper Plates
  • -Consistent minimal bounce
  • -Diameter: 450mm / 17.72 inches (IWF Standard)
  • -Made with non-toxic virgin rubber
  • -Heavy-duty stainless steel inner - Collar Opening: 50.6mm
  • -Factory drop tested to ensure quality and durability
  • -Sold as Singles


  • -2.5KG: 24.00mm
  • -5KG: 25.00mm
  • -10KG: 44.50mm
  • -15KG: 64.00mm
  • -20KG: 78.00mm
  • -25KG: 97.50mm

Suitable for:

  • -Home or Garage Gym, or Commercial Gym settings
  • -Functional Fitness style training or competition

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