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Home Gym Essentials Package

$880.00 AUD


Save $$$ with our Gym Essentials Package! Package includes

The MO REPS Half Rack Squat Stand & Chin Up Combo. 


  • -Pair of J-Hooks to rack the barbell
  • -Pair of Spotters Arms for safety
  • -Chin up bar
  • -Olympic weight plates holders
  • -Height 237cm - Width 107cm - Depth 160cm

    This rack is extremely versatile and popular for training in any home or garage gym with a limited space. Together with the weight plates holder, the Half Rack's feet also have holes that allow you to bolt the unit onto the ground--making it very stable & sturdy for squats, bench press and due to it's additional height over most half racks makes it fantastic for pull ups. Package now available with choice of 70kg or 100kg bumper plates.

    MO REPS® Heavy Duty Flat Bench

    Ideal for doing bench press, dumbbell work outs, free weights exercise, and functional fitness training. Construction features a steel tube, making this flat bench heavy duty and rated at 300kg weight capacity. The bench also has wheels to make it easy to move around.

    Flat Bench Specifications:

    • -Main Tube 75mm x 75mm x 75mm x 2mm Steel
    • -Black powder coated
    • -Length 127cm
    • -Width 59cm
    • -Height 43cm
    • -High density durable upholstery

      70KG Package Includes

      Colour Specked Bumper Plates

      2X 5KG 2X 10KG  2X 20KG 

      1 x 72 Inch Chrome Barbell with brass bushings.

      Aluminium lock collars included.


      100KG Package Includes. 

      Colour Specked Bumper Plates

      2X 5KG 2X 10KG 2X 15KG 2X 20KG 

      1 x MO REPS® Men's Olympic Barbell 20KG

      Barbell Specifications:

      • -Capacity: 1500lbs / 680 kg
      • -Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI
      • -Length: 220cm / 7.2 ft
      • -Shaft Diameter: 28mm
      • -Material: 42 CrMo alloy steel - AISI 4140
      • -Construction: 8 x Needle Bearings
      • -Black Oxide Shaft
      • -Aluminium Lock Collars Included.


      Shipping and Pick Up Options:

      • Same day shipping on most orders to Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Pickup available from our Adelaide store.

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