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Wooden Jerk Blocks Set

$440.00 AUD $770.00 AUD

Wooden Jerk Blocks Set

Focus on your Weightlifting and train with MO REPS® Wooden Stackable Jerk Blocks Set. Jerk blocks, also known as 'jerk boxes', help improve your jerk without having to clean the weight to the rack position on each rep.

All boxes are stackable. All boxes include a stopper on each end that stop your barbell and bumpers from rolling off. Each Jerk Block features double-wall construction & interior bracing, as well as strategically-aligned insets for ultra secure stacking It is recommended that the 6cm / 2.25" boxes be used on the top of the stack when the sets are in use. This will ensure longevity and help prevent damage to the exterior layers of wood. Each box includes handles so you can easily add or remove boxes from the stack.

This Jerk Block set provides an array of other potential uses: block pulls, clean/snatch from blocks, partial deadlifts, floor presses, step ups, box or plyo jumps.

Sold as a complete set. Each set has:

  • -2 x 6cm / 2.25" blocks
  • -2 x 15cm / 6" blocks
  • -2 x 30cm / 12" blocks
  • -2 x 38cm / 15" blocks
  • -All blocks are 51cm wide x 91cm depth
  • -Total weight 180kg


Shipping and Pick Up Options:

  • Same day shipping on most orders to Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Pickup available from our Adelaide store.

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