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PicSil XStrong Grips - 2 Fingers

$12.00 AUD

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PicSil XStrong Leather Grips - 2 Fingers

PicSil’s XStrong Grips are just that---extra strong! XStrong Grips are made with top quality durable leather that offer excellent protection for your hands. Ideal for multi-faceted functional fitness athlete, PicSil hand grips have velcro straps to secure them into a comfortable position, and for easy adjustment mid-WOD.

Colour: Comes in tan brown and grey.


Sizing: Measure from the crease of your wrist to the base of your middle finger.

  • Small: 9cm and under
  • Medium: 10.5cm
  • Large: 11.5cm

(Picsil Grips Ship Worldwide Excluding the USA)

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