MO REPS® Lifting Straps Heavy Duty (Pair)

AUD 9.95

BONUS: Free MO REPS carry bag to keep your lifting straps together!

MO REPS® Lifting Straps 

Lift heavier weights and set new PR's on your pulls, hang pulls, high pulls and other back and trap work with MO REPS Lifting Straps. Our Lifting Straps help keep your grip strong and secure, so you can hold onto heavier weight without it slipping out of your hands.

The design of our Lifting Straps allow for quick, easy set-up, with the free end of the strap slipping around the bar and through the closed loop, securing the wrist. With a soft, cushion pad that goes around your wrist, MO REPS Lifting Straps are also comfortable, whilst remaining secure. 

Sold in Pairs.

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