Competition Kettlebells 8KG - 32KG


Weight: 8KG

Build total-body strength and conditioning with MO REPS® Competition Kettlebells. Perform kettlebell movements like the Swing, Goblet Squat, Turkish Get-Up, Strict Press, Clean, and Snatch.

  • -Competition grade

  • -Colour coded

  • -Smooth comfortable handles

  • -Uniform size across the range, no matter the weight

Sizes Available: 8kg (pink), 12kg (blue), 16kg (yellow), 20kg (purple), 24kg (green), 28kg (orange), 32kg (red)

Suitable for:

  • -Functional fitness style workouts

  • -Circuits, Cardio, High-Intensity Training, Kettlebell Training & Competition

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