EVA Jigsaw Mats 20mm

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Durable closed cell EVA Tatami mats premium quality for commercial, home gyms, PT Studios. The thickness and density perfect for stand-up sparring and MMA training. Fantastic surface for boxing gyms, yoga studios, home gyms, gymnastics and play areas. 

Suitable For:

20mm EVA Mats are suitable for Yoga, MMA training, boxing, cardio exercises. With a perfect density for skipping. Easily mark out training areas with double sided colours. 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions 100cm x 100cm x 20mm. (1-meter square)
  • Density 50 Shore A. (Soft yet firm and stable)
  • Non-slip 5 line pattern, double sided blue and red.
  • Interlocking with removal edges, all edges included.
  • Premium EVA suitable for home or commercial gym environments.
  • Manufactured to a density specifically for boxing, sparring & stand-up work.
  • Non-porous and easy to clean.
  • 100% EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate).
  • Versatile, easy to install and remove.  

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