Evasion Belt


MORGAN EVASION BELT Add a bit of fun to your clients' training and also improving their footwork with our great agility evasion belts. Pair your clients with similar speed and agility skills to see who can evade who. By working in pairs, teammates are attached around the waist with the aim of the exercise for the attacker to break the Velcro strap attaching them both by evading the defender. The adjustable belt strap makes this perfect for both juniors and adults. The Velcro strap and plastic buckles are highly durable enabling regular use for season after season. Set includes two evasion belts and one attachment cord Adjustable belt sizes mean this set is suitable for rugby players of all ages and sizes High-quality Velcro straps and plastic buckles are built to last for years Perfect for improving the footwork, speed and agility of your players

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