Morgan Fractional Plate Set (Pairs) 5kg Total Weight


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If you're trying to break through plateaus and working on your one-rep max then fractional weight plates are essential and very handy even for the casual lifter, being able to notch up slightly and complete some forced reps can make a huge difference when training for size and strength and avoiding de-training.

Lifting  the same weight every day is great but varying that weight slightly with every session and shocking those muscle groups can make a huge impact on pushing through barriers and getting those results, shocking muscles is what avoids detraining, which is what happens when a muscle group becomes used to a particular weight and movement, if you find you're not getting as sore from your lifts and not getting stronger, you may need to vary the weight and the movement on that muscle group, to shock the muscles and give it something it wasn't expecting, fractional increments are essential for this type of training, this type of training is very well known and something many famous athletes will always preach.  

  • Fractional plates set come with 2 x each of the following weights:
    • 0.25kg x 2
    • 0.50kg x 2
    • 0.75kg x 2
    • 1.00kg x 2
    • Total weight  = 5kg set
  • Fractional plates have a 51mm opening, designed for  Olympic  barbell sleeves.  

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