Hex Trap Bar

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The unique design of the Hex Trap Bar provides a great alternative to traditional barbell deadlifts. By standing inside the hex-shaped bar, a better body position--and hence, and a better deadlift movement is achieved. This allows for more weight to be used, leading to a stronger you.

This bar features dual height neutral grip handles:

  • -Use the upper handles to perform shrugs for trap development farmers walks or when you're going for that extra heavy lift.
  • -Switch to the lower handles for a fuller range of motion, and target the legs more directly,

This Compact Olympic Hex Bar is suitable for use with all Olympic Plates and Bumper Plates. Constructed from high-grade steel with an industrial-grade chrome plating.


  • -Dimensions: 163cm x 61cm x 15cm,
  • -Sleeve diameter is 50mm
  • -Shaft Diameter is 25mm
  • -Capacity of up to 440LB
  • -Loadable sleeve length 34cm
  • -Knurled handles provide added comfort & firmer grip
  • -Design of knurling also ensures a comfortable grip with different hand & lifting positions

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