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JAW Leather Gymnastic Grips

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JAW Leather Grips

Australia's Ethical Leather Hand Grips!

JAW Leather products are 100% Australian Sourced, Made and Owned. Backed by Australia's most reputable leather tannery, your hands are safe from harsh chemicals and protected by the super soft vegan suede. That's right, no harsh chemicals have been used in the treatment of Jaw's leather products, period..

Coupled with a soft wrist strap, there are no plastic or metal buckles to interfere with your hand movement. Perfect for all gymnastics movements, the suede sticks to the bar like glue.

Designed to be worn loose to enhance the flexion of the wrist, the perfect placement is at the first knuckle. This will allow for a rap around effect on the bar and in addition extra grip when its needed.



  • Do not wash. Dry brush to keep suede soft and flexible, free from chalk and perspiration build-up
  • Use chalk for added grip
  • JAW Leather Grips are designed to be worn loose. From your first knuckle just like traditional gymnastics grips
  • If worn too tight/small, your grips may rip and tear due to restriction on the hide and inability to stretch with the flexion of your wrist

***Note: Item is not available for Warehouse pick up. (Ships Fast with Australia Post)

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