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JAW Pull Up Gymnastic Grips - Pink

$43.00 AUD


JAW Pull Up Gloves - Pink

Double the coverage for maximum protection!

JAW Gloves cover the entire palm to minimise the chance of blisters, rips and tears while you workout. Combining the characteristics of their sister product the Pullup Grip, JAW Gloves offer breathability and extra comfort whilst ensuring the outside of your palm is also covered during high repetition movement helping to alleviate blisters.

Whilst the JAW Gloves are extremely popular for pullups, they also work phenomenally well with toes-to-bars, knees-to-elbows, kettlebells, dumbbells, and any general barbell or rig work.

Also handmade in Australia you can be reassured that the quality is second to none.

Regardless of what you do, if your hands get sore, blistered or torn, JAW Gloves are the solution!

For our sizing guide, check out our how to size image within this product listing. As a guide, Children are small, Ladies are Medium and Men are a Large size.



  • Note: When sized and worn correctly, JAW Gloves should feel very firm like a sock!

  • Note: Don’t be shy with chalk as JAW Gloves and Chalk = Happy Active hands!


***Note: Item is not available for Warehouse pick up. (Ships Fast with Australia Post)

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