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MO REPS® Knee Sleeves (Pair) - 7mm

$28.95 AUD


BONUS: Free MO REPS carry bag to keep your knee sleeves together!

Set new PB's and shave seconds off your workout times with MO REPS® Knee Sleeves.

Whether you're managing pain or injury, or looking for additional support for your knees, MO REPS Knee Sleeves will help you hit MO REPS and lift heavier weights. Designed to provide support, warmth and compression during heavy lifting, our knee sleeves stabilise the knee joint under load and protect against stress.

  • Our 5mm thick knee sleeves are perfect for mixed activity or general gym use, for walking, callisthenics, gymnastics, running, riding or just for some protection. These knee sleeves won’t greatly reduce your range of motion and mobility, and are good for metabolic conditioning and general WODs.

  • Our 7mm thick knee sleeves are perfect for shorter, heavier activities such as Powerlifting, Olympic Weight Lifting, Strongman/Strongwoman training, etc. These knee sleeves are slightly more heavy duty and provide a firmer comfortable support than the 5mm thick knee sleeves

MO REPS Knee Sleeves are sold in Pairs.


Measure the circumference around the calf, about 10 cm below the middle of the knee.

When measuring, ensure that the knee is slightly bent (about 30° flexion).

S 30cm to 33cm 11.8" to 13"
M 33cm to 36.07cm 13" to 14.2"
L 36.07cm to 39.88cm 14.2" to 15.7"


Shipping and Pick Up Options:

  • Same day shipping on most orders to Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Pickup available from our Adelaide store.

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