Morgan Olympic Barbell & Bumper Plate Package


Size: 100KG

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Awesome deal on commercial grade bumpers from Morgan. Heavy-duty and highly durable, with minimal surface imperfections, Morgan Sports HD ('Heavy Duty') bumper plates are precision moulded and "dead blow" giving a very low bounce.   Bumper plates allow you to safely drop any load from the waist, chest, or even overhead with the confidence that you will not damage yourself, or your equipment.

Packaged together with the Morgan 20kg Olympic Barbell (Black Chrome Shaft) Bar features no centre knurling so ideal for CrossFit style workouts and Olympic lifting. Extremely sturdy construction with 4 x bearings per sleeve, giving the bar all the strength it needs to handle big drops and retain that smooth rotation. In use in commercial gyms all over Australia, this is a very nice, quality bar & plate package.

150kg package includes an extra 2 x 25kg bumper plates.

Package Contents

1 x 100kg Bumper Plate Package


  • Bumper plate pack includes 1pr  x  5kg  +  1pr  x  10kg  +  1pr  x  15kg  +  1pr  x  20kg  =  100kg
  • Equal 450mm outer diameter
  • Weights are in KG.
  • Solid natural virgin rubber
  • Chemically bonded 10mm thick steel insert.  
  • Shore Harness of 75-90  SHa for superior bounce reduction and safety.
  • 50.5mm centre hole.
  • 10mm bonded steel inserts

1 x Morgan 20kg Olympic Barbell - Black Chrome Shaft


  • Weight: 20KG
  • Maximum Load: 680kg
  • Diameter: 28MM
  • Centre knurl: No
  • Tensile Strength: 195K
  • Sleeve: Precision Ground Steel with a Hard Chrome non-slip coating
  • System: 4 x Bearing per sleeve
  • Length: 2200MM
  • Shaft: Precision Ground Steel with a Black Harden Chrome non-slip coating
1 x Pair Aluminium Lock Collars  

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