Olympic Hex Trap Bar - Black



Hex bars offer a great way to train with heavier weight and reduce the risk of injury. Due to the natural hand grip positioning and balance of hex bars they can reduce lumbar pressure during deadlift movements.

Originally used by powerlifters to safely train heavy the hex bar is now known for its fantastic whole-body strength training, with many different movements and workouts which can be performed including, trap bar floor presses, farmers walk, split stance deadlift, shoulder press, squat jumps and of course trap shrugs and deadlifts.

Barbell Specifications:

  • -Capacity: 250kg
  • -Weight: 22.65kg
  • -Length: 238cm
  • -Width: 78cm
  • -Sleeves: 50mm Olympic
  • -Loadable Sleeve Length: 40.5cm
  • -Steel Lock Collars Included.

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