Power Sled


Pole Configuration: 2 Pole Configuration

Built for push and pull speed training on any surface. Our Power Sled is extremely versatile gym equipment that develops strength & power, as well as improves conditioning. Sled Training improves the body's ability to maximise its use of anterior (quads, core, pectoral muscles) & posterior chains (hamstrings, glutes, lats, etc), which is functionally transferable to any athletic discipline.

  • -Increase weight by adding plates into the middle pole
  • -Posts can be placed at either end or at both ends for ease of transition during training
  • -Available with 2 poles, or with 4 poles
  • -Features a hole to attach carabiner for attachments
  • -Commercial-grade steel construction, unit weight 37KG.
  • -High-density tensile welds

 Suitable for:

  • -Home or Garage Gym, or Commercial Gym settings
  • -Training or competition
  • -Cross Training, Functional Fitness style workouts, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Training

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