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✔heavy-duty ✔non-porous ✔ 17mm thickness. MO REPS Stall mats are extremely durable, shock-absorbent, non-porous, abrasion-resistant and will protect your floors and equipment during workouts for many years.

Easy to install! Simply lay the mats on a flat surface---no glue necessary.

Durable! The horse stall mat was originally designed for use in the equine industry and has quickly become popular in commercial gym environments due to its extreme durability and dead bounce of barbells.

MO REPS horse stall mats are a great investment for any gym facility with heavy traffic and workloads and possibly the best gym flooring option available for Olympic lifting and overhead drops due to its ability to significantly reduce noise and impact to equipment.

Using two horse stable mats together is also a great way to make a very robust DIY lifting platform.

Maintenance: Stall mats have a non-porous surface which makes cleaning a breeze, simply vacuum and mop with water. The non-porous properties of stall mats combined with grooved channels underneath reduce moisture retention, mold and bacteria growth.

Product dimensions: (Each stall mat is equivalent to approx 2.17 square metres.)

-Length: 184cm

-Width: 122.6cm

-Thickness: 17mm

-Weight: 44kg per mat

-Colour: Black

-Pattern: Checker

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