Technique Bumper Plates 5KG (PAIR)



Manufactured to withstand dropping during lifts without causing damage and without damaging barbells. A must-have for any gym incorporating Olympic lifting. Proven and tested in commercial facilities in Australia and worldwide.

MO REPS Technique training plates have been developed out of the need to load Olympic barbells with only 5KG plates but still withstand being dropped, regular 5KG bumper plates cannot withstand repetitive dropping independently. Other similar training plates are often made from hard plastics which offer no shock absorption and can damage barbell sleeves. The MO REPS training plate uses a durable rubber to retain shock absorption.

This plate is ideal for technique training, warm-ups general training and competition. Also a fantastic plate for safely training entry-level lifters and developing technique.

Product Specifications:

  • Diameter: 450mm / 17.72 inches (IWF Standard).
  • Collar opening 50.4mm
  • Made with non-toxic virgin rubber.
  • Factory Drop Tested to ensure quality & durability.
  • Calibrated within 10-gram tolerance. 
  • Unique aluminium & rubber construction.


  • Can be safely dropped with or without other plates.
  • Consistent minimal bounce.
  • Can be used with competition plates and or bumper plates.
  • Built for the purpose.

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